A story of Love. September 22 2017, 0 Comments

Love flowers?

Then you must take a drive by and see the lovely and beautiful iris barn quilt gracing the side of Patric and Ruthie Sicklesteel's garage, on the out skirts of Dorr MI.

 Often people ask me, "Marilyn, what's the meaning behind the quilt pattern I just selected?"

For sure, Ruthie's  iris pattern has a story! When I first talked to Ruthie about getting a barn quilt, she knew exactly what she wanted -a beautiful dark purple iris Quilt pattern. And here's the story why. It's a story that needs to be told time and time again.

When this sweet loving couple got married, Ruthie carried her favorite flower in her wedding bouquet, purple irises. She absolutely loves the color purple, loves irises, and was and is totally in love with Patric! What a wonderful story!

  And this purple iris barn quilt conveys that story of love to everyone who sees it.

 I've been blessed by meeting Ruthie, hearing her love story, and helping create this work of art and love. Don't miss it!!!

  This gorgeous barn quilt is located at:

2557 144TH AVE

Dorr MI 49323