Railroad Crossing in Reed City December 16 2013, 0 Comments

This is one of my photos of a Barn Quilt on the Reed City Chamber of Commerce building which is on the Osceola County Barn Quilt Trail. The pattern is called "Railroad Crossing."

Last year my Aunt Ruthy invited me to go on a bus tour, to see the Barn Quilt Trail in Osceola County. Boy did we have a good time! Our 1st stop was for lunch at the Marion United Methodist Church, boy, oh boy did those church ladies feed us a wonderful home cooked meal. They even served us dessert!

Then soon we were back on the bus, with Elsie Vrendenburg as our knowledgeable guide. She was so full of information to tell us, about all the wonderful barn quilts we were driving by. As you can imagine, being a barn quilt designer and the website owner of, I was thrilled all day long looking out the window on that bus tour.

Then that Saturday, they had a gathering of people who would like to start a Barn Quilt Trail in their own areas of the world. I was there with bells on and wearing big smile! 

I've been doing a lot of brainstorming and gathering after the bus ride....So now I'm here to let you "In" on my latest Barn Quilt project. Coming soon to Wayland MI....(Dorr, MI is jumping on the band wagon too) our local small businesses are having their own short term Barn Quilt Trail. Each business will be offering their own discounts. (You'll love the country hospitality they have) I hope you all will come out for a lovely drive, see the Beautiful Barn Quilts, and check out these great little shops. Why not get in on the deals they are giving to our special Barn Quilt friends

My "GOAL" is to help the area small businesses to draw more people out, to feel the warmth of their quaint shops, and to see the beautiful sights along the way.

Coming soon to a small town, not far from you. Stay tuned for more info, next week.

If you would like a list of the businesses that are already on the Barn Quilt trail email me at:

Check them out I would love to hear from you... would you like to be a part of the Bus Tour Group going on a trip? Let me know.....

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