Oriental Poppy Barn Quilt March 25 2014, 0 Comments

Have you heard the song "Momma Like the Roses", by Elvis Presley?

Well my friend Kam, loved her Oriental Poppies.

She had them. Masses of them in her yard, when she lived here in MI.

Now she lives in Ohio (I miss her so), this barn quilt is to Honor you and your gardens.

I’m planning on planting a lot more flowers in my yard this year.

Soon we’ll head over to Horrocks and buy a few more poppies to plant in our yard.

They are so beautiful... I just wish the petals would stay on all summer.

So here is an Oriental Poppy who’s petals won’t fall off.
They come in all sizes and colors… just for the choosing.

For those who follow my blogs…
I’m joining the Garden Club at the Dorr Library.
So you might see more Barn Quilts with flowers on them.

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