Flag in the Barn Window September 18 2014, 0 Comments


We all love receiving gifts, but how many of us find pure joy in giving gifts to others?

I believe that Shauna does. She purchased this quilt for her mother's birthday. What a sweet daughter!

A barn quilt was the perfect gift idea, since her mother had been admiring them on scenic drives and talking about how much she loved them. Shauna knew Flag in the Barn Window was the quilt for her mother because of her patriotism and love of everything country themed. I asked where her mother and father might hang it up, to which Shauna replied, "she wants the quilt on the shed (in the newly landscaped backyard) so she can look at it while sitting on their new patio."

Out of curiosity I asked if there were any quilters in Shauna's family, she replied, "I believe my grandmother quilts." I wonder if this is why Shauna's mother is so intrigued by barn quilts? Either way, Shauna assured me that she couldn't have "found anything more perfect" for her moms birthday gift this year.

I dare you to get into giving again. Share the love with your family and friends with a special gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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