American Barn Quilts FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Framed " mean?

“Framed” means… pretreated wood stretcher bar system on which the vinyl quilt is stretched around & stapled to.

What is the price for a quilt?
Our pricing for non-customized quilt orders is:

24" x 24" - $149

How long will it be before my barn quilt arrives at my home?
Our barn quilts, take on average 15-20 business days for our orders to arrive at your door step. Custom orders may take a bit longer.

Do you keep any barn quilts in stocked?
No we don’t keep any barn quilts in stock. Each of our barn quilts are shipped to you hot off the press.

Do you do any custom orders?
Yes, we do custom orders. Please contact us directly to place a customized order

Are gift cards available?
No, gift cards at this time.

Do you have return policy?
We don’t do returns since each order is custom printed and checked by our quality control. All sales are final.

Please contact us either by phone 616-299-9707 or email if you have any questions.
American Barn Quilts