Coopersville Farm Museums " Lone Star" barn quilt July 28 2014, 0 Comments

What a fun day that was to see American Barn Quilts, Grand Rapids ArtPrize 2013 entry go up on the Coopersville Farm Museum. The “Lone Star”.

Lee Ann, the gal who runs the farm-museum, had a friend who was working a bucket truck right down the street renovating the train station a few buildings away. We scheduled all of us to meet around 4:30 last week Tuesday 7-8-14 In no time at all, the Lone Star was lifted up and attached to the Farm Museums silo with heavy duty zip ties.

In through the grommets, then around the metal bars that held, the silo together.

I truly believe this is the perfect place, for this big 6x6 foot “Lone Star” barn quilt to be.

The Coopersville Farm Museum has a yearly Quilt Show, a Quilting Bee that meets every week, a Farmers Market, and Kids Crafts. Oh, did I mention a Jam Night, every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month.

The  Coopersville Farm Museum is such a creative place for teaching, sharing and enjoyment. The " Lone Star" barn quilt was my way of honoring all of those great and generous folks, who teach and share their talents with those around them.

What better place for American Barn Quilt 2013 ArtPrize entry to be displayed then on the silo of the Coopersville Farm Museum.

Keep on the look out for all the different barn quilts, on the many Barn Quilt Trails here in Michigan.

I've been told that only 3, of the 50 states in the US, don't have Barn Quilt Trails.

That's a lot of Quilt Trails and tons of barn quilts to see.



A True Horse Lover August 15 2013, 0 Comments

A True Horse Lover

A True Horse Lover

My brother Don was a true horse lover. When he was a little shaver he had a sweater with a horse on it. I believe if you were to ask him what his favorite sweater was, he would have told you, his horse sweater.
While driving down my country roads, I look at all the barns. I think to myself, "what kind of barn quilt is that barn calling for?" Like I think the barn might personally talk to me…

There is a horse stable down the road from me, and it makes me think about my brother Don and his love of horses when he was a kid.
So one day I sat at my desk, feeling inspired to make a barn quilt with a horse on it. Hours passed by and finally I had one I was happy to call Tarzan. Named after my oldest brother’s horse and pony. Yes, they both were named Tarzan.
My hopes were to make one up and give it to him as a gift. But he moved on from this temporary home, to a permanent one. Before I could have the pleasure of giving one to him.

I decided to put it up on my American Barn Quilt website, where people can purchase the barn quilts I design. Much to my excitement, an order came in for, a “Tarzan” barn quilt! How exciting it was to chat with this gentleman about the “Tarzan Horse” barn quilt he was ordering from me. He said, I’m getting this design to hang on my barn, because of my love for horses. Just typing about this now, brings a big smile to my face. I’m sure my brother would be smiling about this too.
Now there is a 4×4 ft Barn Quilt displayed on a red barn in Kentucky honoring the man who loves his horses, and honoring my brother at the same time.

I love how making barn quilts connects people with beauty, love, honor, and their passion.
What are your loves and passions that you could share with others?


Marilyn Anderson – Artist & Designer

American Barn Quilts