Coopersville Farm Museums " Lone Star" barn quilt July 28 2014, 0 Comments

What a fun day that was to see American Barn Quilts, Grand Rapids ArtPrize 2013 entry go up on the Coopersville Farm Museum. The “Lone Star”.

Lee Ann, the gal who runs the farm-museum, had a friend who was working a bucket truck right down the street renovating the train station a few buildings away. We scheduled all of us to meet around 4:30 last week Tuesday 7-8-14 In no time at all, the Lone Star was lifted up and attached to the Farm Museums silo with heavy duty zip ties.

In through the grommets, then around the metal bars that held, the silo together.

I truly believe this is the perfect place, for this big 6x6 foot “Lone Star” barn quilt to be.

The Coopersville Farm Museum has a yearly Quilt Show, a Quilting Bee that meets every week, a Farmers Market, and Kids Crafts. Oh, did I mention a Jam Night, every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month.

The  Coopersville Farm Museum is such a creative place for teaching, sharing and enjoyment. The " Lone Star" barn quilt was my way of honoring all of those great and generous folks, who teach and share their talents with those around them.

What better place for American Barn Quilt 2013 ArtPrize entry to be displayed then on the silo of the Coopersville Farm Museum.

Keep on the look out for all the different barn quilts, on the many Barn Quilt Trails here in Michigan.

I've been told that only 3, of the 50 states in the US, don't have Barn Quilt Trails.

That's a lot of Quilt Trails and tons of barn quilts to see.



One sunny winter day~ February 08 2014, 0 Comments

One sunny winter day, my husband and I decided to take his parents out for a really nice dinner.
We took them to a place they had never been before, The Grill House, in Allegan, MI.
This updated old historic home is a great place to enjoy a fantastic steak dinner.
We all enjoyed being able to choose our own cut; fillet, porterhouse, or rib-eye, from their large display case.
We could grill it ourselves or have one of their outstanding grill masters grill it to our liking.
OK, I need to stop dreaming of that 44oz (that's not a type-o) rib-eye my husband and I shared and get back to my blog about the barn quilt.
On our drive to the restaurant I spotted the "Crown of Thorns" barn quilt I created for a quilter friend that I met a few years ago.
Without thinking  I shouted out...."There's one of the barn quilts I made!!".  :-)
What excitement we all felt,  seeing one of my barn quilt creations displayed on this pretty 2 stall garage.
My barn quilts get shipped all over the USA. Not very often do I have the enjoyment of driving by one that I created.
If you have the opportunity, you HAVE to try out this fabulous restaurant. Its called "The Grill House". 
Tell them the "barn quilt lady" sent you. :-)
I would love it, if you have a barn quilt that you send me a photo of it, so we can all enjoy its beauty.
Marilyn Anderson - Artist & Designer
American Barn Quilts 
Outdoor Art to Preserve Story 

Thanks Son! June 28 2013, 0 Comments

Yes, this fabulous barn quilt, was a custom order. I had to step out of my box and draw this out on one of my software programs.

Okay…. I tried for 15 or so hours, and didn’t get very far. Until one morning, after letting go of the “I will do this” mentality, I woke up, and my thought was….. hire this to be done, by a tech geek. Wow, what a idea. Who could I call to help me? My #3 son, Ben.

I called him. He said, "Sure mom, I can help you with that!” He was even happier to help me, after I told him it was a paying job.

He came over, and within a much shorter amount time than I could ever spend, he figured it all out.
I did some finishing touches... and voila, I just love how it looks.

Every day is a new learning experience. Some days you learn that you need to ask for help.
Just as quilters sometimes need help, their quilting bee.
Sometimes we too, need to ask for help.

Has there ever been a project or time in your life where you needed to ask for help?

Thanks Son. I’m so proud of our work together. We made a great team.
Love Mom.

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