My Lone Star April 10 2017, 0 Comments

My Lone Star 2’x2’ Lone Star barn quilt that I have on my garage, is in honor of my sweet granddaughters, Adeline and Anna.

Ever since they were very small, they have always enjoyed camping and gazing at the night sky with us.

It is always a race between the two girls, as to see who could find Venus first. That is why I picked the Lone Star quilt pattern.

My granddaughters brighten up my life. So I told Marilyn, when I took her American Barn Quilt workshop, that I wanted something bright and beautiful like my granddaughters.

I had so fun creating my Barn Quilt and with the rest of gals there too. Marilyn was so helpful in the picking out the pattern and the colors with all of us.

My Lone Star barn quilt always brings a warm loving smile to my face every day.

I hope you enjoy my photo of it……

I can highly recommend letting Marilyn help you create something beautify unique, just for you.

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