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Our barn quilt artist, Marilyn Anderson, has always been drawn to the simple elegance of life that the country presents. As a young girl growing up in the farming community of Caledonia, Michigan, Marilyn grew fond of the quiet and treasured moments. Marilyn now resides on a small farm on a gravel road, surrounded by corn and alfalfa fields, with her own chickens, gardens, and even the ever present barn cats that adopted her.

The country is also a place of creativity for Marilyn. The passions of quilting and designing have been knit together as she has been drawn to the beauty and history of barn quilting. 

In January of 2009, Marilyn and her husband, David, were looking through their monthly magazine from "Great Lakes Energy" and saw a small article on barn quilts. David showed Marilyn the article and she was hooked. She made David a quilt for Father's Day that year and fell in love with designing and selling them so others could have the opportunity to enjoy them.


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Barn quilts are an incredible place in our nation’s history. In a bygone era, the display of these beautiful pieces of art may have been used to distinguish a particular farm, to honor a mother, a grandmother or the men of the area who had fought in a war. Each piece tells a story- much like a quilt that covers a bed or a diary of a family’s history - these quilts told a story.

Marilyn's desire is to bring this method of storytelling and art back by enabling people to display these beautiful and unique pieces on their barns, buildings or homes, in a way never done before, on light-weight vinyl that lasts for years. These quilts have an incredible amount of attention to detail, color, patterns and depth never dreamed of. 

Each one of us has a story. What is your story? What is the story of your family?  What would you like to celebrate?  We at American Barn Quilts are here to help tell your story. Come, be a part of the celebration of life… hang your barn quilt of color and joy for all to see and cherish for years to come!

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