One sunny winter day~ February 08 2014, 0 Comments

One sunny winter day, my husband and I decided to take his parents out for a really nice dinner.
We took them to a place they had never been before, The Grill House, in Allegan, MI.
This updated old historic home is a great place to enjoy a fantastic steak dinner.
We all enjoyed being able to choose our own cut; fillet, porterhouse, or rib-eye, from their large display case.
We could grill it ourselves or have one of their outstanding grill masters grill it to our liking.
OK, I need to stop dreaming of that 44oz (that's not a type-o) rib-eye my husband and I shared and get back to my blog about the barn quilt.
On our drive to the restaurant I spotted the "Crown of Thorns" barn quilt I created for a quilter friend that I met a few years ago.
Without thinking  I shouted out...."There's one of the barn quilts I made!!".  :-)
What excitement we all felt,  seeing one of my barn quilt creations displayed on this pretty 2 stall garage.
My barn quilts get shipped all over the USA. Not very often do I have the enjoyment of driving by one that I created.
If you have the opportunity, you HAVE to try out this fabulous restaurant. Its called "The Grill House". 
Tell them the "barn quilt lady" sent you. :-)
I would love it, if you have a barn quilt that you send me a photo of it, so we can all enjoy its beauty.
Marilyn Anderson - Artist & Designer
American Barn Quilts 
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