Linda's beautiful 6'x6' barn quilt is called "Starry Night". May 16 2017


    I have had the pleasure of seeing many of her beautiful quilts that she has made. Now people can drive by her white barn and see just one square / replica of a quilt she has made for her guest bed.


Linda is a avid quilter, she has been Quilting for 12 yrs now.  I was surprised by all the beautiful quilts she has made in that many years.

She has fond memories of being a member of a Quilting Bee called 

"Sisters of the Cloth. Isn't that a awesome name for a Quilting Bee??

 The gals in group have since dispersed, but today you will find them in their own sewing rooms creating, gorgeous quilts just like Linda does now.

  As we chatted some more, Linda told me that the Starry Night quilt she made was a real challenge. It was made by paper piecing, their were a few squares she had to take apart and do them over. But she just loves this quilt. I took her 2 years to make the quilt top.  What a labor of love.

 When it came to designing a barn quilt to look like one of her quilt squares on this quilt, it was a challenge for me too. I looked and looked to see if I had a pattern even close to these squares. So  we took a photo & I got to drafting one up. I had to do some real tweaking on this exquisite quilt pattern.  Finally Linda said to me, Marilyn you got it just right. I nailed it  & gave myself a high five in my head.

 We looked at colors, Linda told me she wanted it to look like batiks. That seemed  to be the easy part of our project. YES!!!

 With in 3 weeks of our final draft, Linda's " Starry Night" barn quilt was ready to be installed.

What a appropriate quilt pattern to hang on a barn out in the country.

Where there are no street lights, all you see on a clear night there, is the breathe taking view of the Starry Night.

 Time, patience and perseverance will accomplish beautiful things. So it is with making wonderful quilts and designing a beautiful barn quilts.  It's worth the time and energy that go into gorgeous creations.

Take drive by Linda's barn and see her stunning 6'x6' barn quilt  "Starry Night" replica of her guest bed quilt she made. 


See this stunning barn quilt on their pristine white barn, on 26th street South of 142nd , if your heading to Sandy Pines you be pleasantly surprised this by this beautiful sight.

( Dorr Township/ Allegan County Quilt Trail. Michigan)


P.S.Please don't knock on her door or go up her driveway.

 She is in the middle of sewing another lovey quilt and can't  be disturbed.